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3 questions every home owner should ask before repairing an old damaged roof

Roof repair can be one of the most expensive investments that you make into your home, but in the long run, it will save you a great deal and keep your property safe from damage and disrepair. Before you begin roof repair, however, it is important to ensure that this is the right course of action and that you’re hiring the right guys to do the job.

If the repair will only be a temporary fix then you may be better off replacing the roof. If you’ve got cowboys on your hands then you need to steer well clear and find a professional and trustworthy roofing company instead. To help protect your interests in hiring a roofing company, we consider herein three questions that you should ask the roofers before they begin work.

1 – Are you insured?

Insurance is essential for roofers and you should ask to see details of their insurance and the liability. If roofers are not insured then you could find yourself liable for their mistakes as they are working on your property. Insurance will protect you from errors that could occur and cause serious damage to your home. It will also protect you from compensation claims for injury if someone injures themselves on the job. If something goes wrong during the repair then the insurance taken out by the roofing company will protect you. If they don’t have insurance, however, then you should not let them set foot on your property and should start looking elsewhere.

2 – Should I replace the roof?

While you do not want to receive some replies to this question it is vital that you ask the roofer what is best for your roof. If your roof needs repaired then it is highly likely that there has been some ingress of water already and this can go on to cause further problems. Your roof may need to be stripped back to the bedding in order for full repairs to be carried out and sometimes this makes it easier and cheaper to just start again. If your roofer is just replacing some damaged sections then they may not be dealing with further problems of damp or other damage that really should be treated too. In some cases, it’ll be cheaper to replace your roof instead of carrying out a repair that will only last for a short period.

3 – How will you protect my property?

When taking a roof or parts of a roof off of a home, there are certain risks that will arise. One risk is damage to the landscaping and wider property as waste is dropped off the roof. Another risk is to the contents of your home if it rains during the work. To ensure that your property is safe from the damage, you should check how the roofers intend to protect your property from any additional damage.

Roof repair is a significant investment so it is always worth finding the right guys for the job. Don’t trust the integrity of your home to cowboys and make sure that you ask these three questions to protect your home.

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